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Mar. 6th, 2009 08:37 am
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stolen shamelessly from  [livejournal.com profile] bellatemple :

Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence.

Wow. Talk about rubbing it in... Well, one sentence isn't going to cut it, so it's gonna be more. Also, most of these are pretty old... *sniffle* My muse must have been bored with me, cuz she's gone. *sniffles some more*

So much work, so little process going on... )

So you see? I'm not just lazy, I'm really and truly stuck.

Hey, I tell you what. Give me prompts, and I'll do my best to write them.
Anything goes, as long as it's gen.


Sep. 6th, 2008 07:03 pm
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Hi guys!
I'm still here. Still without my PC =(
My Dad managed to fix most of it - it turned out the virus deleted the screen drivers, whatever those are, but my files are all still there *big sigh of relief*
Problem is, my computer gets stuck every few minutes and I have to restart it. Which sucks cuz everything that takes some time, like burning a backup CD, gets stuck.
Anyway, I'm going to be without my beloved PC for another week as my Dad is sending it to get fixed. *sigh*

Work is ok. We've had a few difficult weeks, but finally that's all behind us, and now there's lots of work to do. Which is great, cuz I hate it when I get to work and I just have nothing real to do, just tedious desk jobs. It's a sure way to kill a muse...

Speaking of my muse - she's gone, and she doesn't show any signs of coming back. I seemed to have lost my passion.
I have a zillion and twelve plot bunnies - and I promised [livejournal.com profile] sandrainthesun  a fic, so I gotta write it. Thing is, I don't want to. I wanted to at the time, I even wrote a couple pages, but I don't want to anymore. I know what happens in the story, so it's not writer's block, I just lost my passion.

Also, another bunny is refusing to let me go.
I figured, when I got my muse back, I'd go back to either the shooting story or the switching story, but neither of them want to get written. I might consider co-writing the shooting story if I find someone who's interested, but the switching story is probably a lost cause.

The new bunny, however, got itself a name, so that's always dangerous.
What's it about? An AU based on WIAWCNB. Original? Nope. Which is probably why I'm not excited about it.

Granted )
Like I said, not original. And kinda dark.

I have no idea if it's ever going to get written, and if it is, I have no idea if it's ever going to get posted.
I need to find my passion for writing again.
Any tips?


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