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Really? You just had to go there, didn't you? You just HAD to show us those spoilers? As part of an episode? Don't you know you have to put those under a cut? *deathglares* smilygrindteeth.gif image by smilemoticon
I managed to see about 90% of it before I turned it off. smilyangry3.gif image by smilemoticon

The "before" part - I have two things to say about that. One is, I was kinda hoping to see someone seeing Castiel's true visage, and we got that *thumbs up* (even if it did look like he was being abducted by alians. confused0068.gif image by smilemoticonHOOOOMG, CASTIEL IS AN ALIAN!!! willy_nilly.gif \0/ image by smilemoticon) (Shut up, before this season, they didn't think angels were real, too!)

The other thing was, I thought it would be a funny evol plot smilyevolbunny.gif image by smilemoticon if someone actually recognizes Castiel's vessel. Hee. *cough*


Oh, and I also wonder why it is that the "before" part didn't show Uriel telling Castiel about turning other angels. *shrugs*

Loved that Dean dreamed of fishing in peace. First, because - WIN! It's the JackDean 'verse! dancing2.gif image by smilemoticon I love that 'verse!

But then, I realized it's even a BIGGER win, because of
this. WIN! dancing2.gif image by smilemoticondancing2.gif image by smilemoticon

Yay, we got to meet Jimmie, the Holy Tax Accountant and his wife and kid. Which means, for the first time, Misha, I bow before you, you really are awesome. thumbs up

I kinda hated it (but not in a bad way) that Dean told Sam about his dream. Again. Damn it, Dean, keep a secret, would ya? there.gif there there image by smilemoticon

Pontiac, Illinois. I remember that for some reason. Who else was from Pontiac, Illinois?

Yeah, Sam! Helping people, hunting things! You know, the family business! (FTW) 13841602.gif sleazy browquirk image by smilemoticon

I liked that we saw Sam jonesing (sp?) so bad for a fix that he screwed up. I loved that Dean noticed something wrong and was worried about it. Good work, Show. Also, Jeremy Carver, I'm starting to really like you.

Hey guys, remember when Dean used to wake up at every sound and reach for his knife? Remember how awesome that was?

"Was it a refreshing coke?" *snorts* Oh, Dean. smilysquish.gif squish image by smilemoticon

So, blood appears to be a motif here. Demon blood = evol powers, and apparently something else in the blood = being able to see and hear an angel's true visage. Huh.

So why did Castiel (and does anyone else find the fact that everyone keeps calling him Cas annoying?) think it'd be in Dean's blood or whatever? *ponders*

When I first thought Misha is going to leave us like this, I was all dontgo.gif don't go image by smilemoticon But now that we know he's staying for at least a little while longer, I'm all thphewYahoo.gif phew image by smilemoticon.

Why does Jimmie lie to his family? He obviously believes (kinda hard not to after what he's been through), why lie? He tried to tell her the truth before, didn't care how it sounded, why lie now?

Also, nice little plot hole - if Anna can find Dean anywhere and just show up, why not just show up by Jimmie's side? Sorry, I don't get that. If they didn't want him caught, why not send angels after him? *stares down big giant plot hole and takes pictures*

The neighbor and the wife being possessed - anyone NOT seen it happen a mile away? I mean, really, even the kid being Cas was kinda obvious. Didn't really mind it for some reason, though.

"Stunt demon #3" *loves* ♥

One more thing. Loved, loved, loved, LOVED x gazillionty the way Dean reacted after he found out about Sam. I loved everything about it. I loved that he was quiet, I loved that Sam was so nervous about Dean exploding that he just couldn't stand the wait, I love that Dean STILL didn't explode, I loved that he said he wasn't mad, but disappointed, I loved that he was quiet about it, I loved that he said he was just so tired of it. And mostly, I loved my smart!Dean for calling Bobby.

Oh, and since I didn't get to use this last week, to all of you who insist to be WRONG about Adam being their brother - I'm totally ignoring you, because you're WRONG! ignore.gif ignoring u image by smilemoticon
(Ahhh, I missed my emoticons. I bet you didn't even notice. Hee.)

Please, keep me as spoiler-free as possible (the soon part - yeah, spoilers. I don't wanna know.)
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