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I gots me some new smilies! (Yeah, I'm a geek, why?)

Have you seen my new Dean smiley? It's awesome!  thwiehtaartopgegeten.gif Dean's pie is missing image by smilemoticon

I was actually spoiled (twice!) about this episode. *points to icon* I HATE SPOILERS!
I did hope the new Dean would be better. Alas... sadsigh.gif image by smilemoticon

Season 1 flashback! willy_nilly.gif \0/ image by smilemoticon  (Ok, so I knew it was coming, but still).
Show of hands, who misses season 1? smilybye1.gif hi! image by smilemoticon
Show of hands, who misses Daddy!Winchester? smilybye1.gif hi! image by smilemoticon

Bloody Mary flashback. I think this is going to be one of these episodes...


I always said school was evol...

Love this shot! Shooting up in the rain... pretty.
Hee! Her calling Sam insane while being committed herself is just... teehee.gif tee hee image by smilemoticon(I call this one my Kripke smiley smilywink4.gif image by smilemoticon )

Also, Sam in those white scrubs is always hot.

You know what I just realized? I just realized the supersize emo!Dean we've been having lately has me thinking Sam's hot! That's just... willy_nilly.gif \0/ image by smilemoticon

Dazzleland flashback. Totally recommended, btw.
How many license plates does the Deanpala have, anyways? I miss KAZ 2YK. bored2.gif sad sigh image by smilemoticon

New Dean! (Finally?) Sure is a tall one...

The Outsiders? Ok, every fic writer who ever wrote that, raise a hand!

Yay for wee!Sammy!

How come they cast awesome wee!Sammies... wee!Sammys? *shrugs* but cast lame wee!Deans?

Janitor!Sam! I know I read that in fic somewhere...
thoverreacting.gif overreact image by smilemoticonOh, no. No no no no no no NO. That? Is SO wrong. *shudders*

I thought he didn't do shorts, sweetheart. Does season 1 mean nothing to you people? greetings12.gif image by smilemoticon

smily10.gif errrr image by smilemoticon Ow.

Oh, this is gonna get ugly... smilypuke.gif image by smilemoticon

Smallville flashback. I hated him in red there, too.

Ahh, the 'we've got work to do' flashback. *sighs contentedly*

Is he, Dean? We're not even 20 minutes in.

Big!Brother!Dean, how I've missed you! dontgo.gif don't go image by smilemoticon

1995? A cell phone that looks like that? Really? Really? doh3.gif image by smilemoticon

Everyone who just thought of Sam writing fic while Dean's out to get food, and then hiding them from Dean raise your hand. smilybye1.gif hi! image by smilemoticon

She's gonna flicker, right?
confused0068.gif image by smilemoticon Wrong...
Also, Sam's ass being handed to him by a little girl? teehee.gif tee hee image by smilemoticon

Are they new at this? Of course liquor is going to help!
"That ghost is dead!"  sadsigh.gif image by smilemoticon Really?

3 schools and it's not even November, two weeks before they leave. How can he possibly remember these people? *ponders*

Kickass!Sammy! willy_nilly.gif \0/ image by smilemoticon

Seriously? He answered that creepy question? Seriously?? Where did I put that smiley.... Oh, right. Here - smilyheadinwall.gif image by smilemoticon

Rope soaked in saltwater???
Oh, hell. With plot holes like these, no one's ever going to mind my ginormous plot hole.

Uh... Sam? You sure 'bout that?

Hee! smilylol.gif big smile image by smilemoticon

I... I can't even go 'Oh, Dean'! With casting like this, how did they ever get Jensen to play Dean?? doh3.gif image by smilemoticon Stop ruining wee!Dean for me, Show!

Ok, to sum up: Spoilers are evil, Sam can occasionally be hot, Sam can occasionally get his ass kicked by little girls (Dean can, too, in case you're wondering), episodes that don't relate to the mytharc annoy me less, and my new emoticons are fun.
Have a great weekend, everyone!

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