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Guys, seriously, I keep hearing of people writing stuff from prompts. Where do they get all these prompts from?
Cuz really, there are some bunnies I have that I really would like to see people write.
Like this one, for example.

So, can anyone tell me where I can post those prompts or where I can share these bunnies?

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A double post? *gasp*
But I just had to write this so I won't forget.

Don't really have a story, just this scene. Maybe it'll go in 'Faded Memories'. Maybe not. Anyways - 
characters: Wee!Dean and Mary.
timeing: some time after Sam's born.
All is discalimed.

Mary: You know how much I love you, baby?
Dean: All the way to the moon? *Mary smiles, hugs her little boy*
Mary: All the way to the moon and back.
Dean: Mommy?
Mary: Yes, honey?
Dean: What about when there's no moon?
Mary: ...
Dean: Like a few nights ago, there was no moon.
Mary: Oh, honey, there's always a moon. Even if you don't see it. It's just hiding in the dark. It needs a rest, so it's hiding in the dark. The moon is still out there, it's always out there, in the dark. And it will always be there.
Dean: Even if we can't see it? 
Mary: Even if we can't see it. Just like the angels. There are things out there that we can't see, that we can't understand, but they're still out there. Like the moon when it's raining, or the angels that are always watching over you, or even God. And Dean? Even if there were no angels and there was no God and there was no moon, I'd still love you. From now till eternity. Got it?
Dean: Got it. I love you too, Mommy.

*insert Awwwwwww moment*

To be written. Or, you know, not.

Old Bunny

Mar. 29th, 2007 09:23 am
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Hi guys, I have a new  for y'all.
This one was inspired by Nevermore's 9 and .45.
When Sam was 9 years old, there was something in his closet, or so he had said in the Pilot. Now, I don't remember things as well as I did in season 1, but I think, in Hunted, the kid that died had a whole closet full of drawings of YED.
So, what this 's about is -
bunny )
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This 'Hunted' thing isn't going away, is it? I'm gonna stay mad at Sammy for ages, right? *sigh*
Anyway, a new bunny/ challange.
A few weeks after 'Playthings' (or 'Hunted', but 'Playthings' is better) Dean gets drunk. Completely drunk. And spills more than a beer in front of his annoying, irritating little brother.
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Time to toss a bunny to the Sammy girls out there.
A Wee!Chester story.
Sammy has his first crush on a girl. He tries his luck and ends up doing and saying all the wrong things. What is a
Wee!Chester to do? So he turns to big brother for some advice. Only he manages to get that wrong, too. Should be funny and fun to read. Does he get the girl? Don't know. He gets teased a lot by Dean, that's for sure... :D
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Well, I knew posting on ffn when the alerts were down was a bad idea. Turns out it was a TERRIBLE idea. About 1-35 reviewed, which is not as bad as 37 out of 1300, but hey, give it time. And that chapter totally rocked, too.

Anyway, a couple of real challanges, not bunnies.
First one: multichapter, must have at least 2 chapters. Each chapter must begin with one brother's name, and end with the other's.

Second one: also multichapter. Each chapter must begin with a letter of the alphabet, and end with the following letter, then the next one starts with the next letter and so on.

And not getting reviews suck!
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It's supposed to snow on the weekend, but it's raining plot bunnies instead. A new one makes me giggly. 

Edited - I actually started writing this one.


Jan. 3rd, 2007 09:32 pm
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The mother of all brainstorms! The plot bunny to end all plot bunnies! (well, other then And The Ground Shook and the one about the school shooting)
Now all that's missing is a plot... uh, irrelevant... ;)

Plot Cow

Jan. 1st, 2007 11:39 pm
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This idea is from 'A Cry in the Night' by Thru Terry's Eyes. 
Plot Cow )
Um... Need I say more?
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The first plot bunny of '07! 
Not really a formed bunny, but, what can you do, right?
Anyway; With all the adrenalin pumping through his system he never even felt it. It never registered. There was no pain, there wasn't anything, really. Just the need to keep fighting, to protect his brother. It wasn't until the world tilted and darkness came that he realized something was wrong...
Yes, a bleak new year it seems... Ah, who cares, I love my muse. Good muse. You get a cookie. And a Dean fix. ;)
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It's been a while, but the attack of the plot bunnies continue. Not gonna write this one. Oh, hey, it's Christmas, so... Merry Christmas. Now, to the plot bunny thing -
A Wee!Chester story: The Winchesters are staying at yet another shabby cabin. Only this one's haunted. And not just haunted, but haunted by a ghost of a kid about Dean's age, who likes the same kind of music, has the same smartmouth, and LOVES to play practical jokes on Sammy and John. Plus, he's pretty good at history and English, and helps Sammy with homework and stuff. It takes John a while to figure out what's going on - but the boys want to keep the ghost as a pet. After all, what else is normal?

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So many bunnies, so little time.
So, this one, I don't see myself writing for a long, long, loooong time. There's still 'Crossed Paths' and 'And the Ground Shook', and that other one I'll be writing with Kat... And the one about Mary and so, soooooo many damn bunnies.
So here's this new one:
A bunch of girls playing around with a ouija board in a slumber party of sorts. Sort of like 'Bloody Mary' meets 'In My Time Of Dying'. They conjure up and talk to a spirit. One of the girls' older sister is in the house, babysitting, but she's watching TV or something, not paying attention. The younger sister tells her friends that the older sister is psychic, and they laugh about it, asking her to come play with them with the ouija board. The older one gets mad, saying it's not a game, and that they should put it away. THe girls laugh, go back to talking to the spirit. Lights flicker as the ghost menifests. Doors start slamming, girls screaming in fear. The older sister yells for them to get out of the house, hurrying and pours salt circles and pentagrams, but doesn't finish in time and the ghost kills her. All bloody and nice and messy.
The Winchester brothers learn about that in the paper, and come on over. They learn the girl was a psychic from the younger sister, though her friends and parents say she's just making it up to get attention. The salt rings and pentagrams tell the brothers a different story. They go to the dead girl's room and find notebooks. Dozens of 'em. No particular order, all look the same. And all containing things about Dean, a few about Sam. Things they've done, things they've been through, things they thought or felt. Things no one could possibly know. Things that will happen, or might. Including the way the guys will investigate the girl's own death. And then, there's this one thing about one of the brothers... Something that's gonna happen, something Demon related. A secret perhaps. Oh, and it's not about Sam - I'm a Deangirl.
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Another challange? Two in a day? That actually makes... six this weekend alone. The attack of the plot bunnies continue, with vengence, I suppose. Well anyway, here's the newest one:
Sam rushes out to the hospital, all worried and emo and Sam-like. He goes to the nurse's station saying they called him about his brother. After some nice emo stuff, he's taken to a room where he finds his brother. Almost unharmed. Some scrapes on his face and a nasty looking bump on the head, but otherwise quite fine. Only he has this self-counscious, uncomfortable look in his eyes. He doesn't remember. Anything. Not Sam, not who he is, where he's been, what happened to him. Nothing. Except... 
Oh, and hey, if anyone's actually bored enough to read this journal, please don't take any of my ideas without telling me about it, k?
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I'm gonna post this on the faNily site on my challange thread later, but I have to write it down before I forget - so here goes:
Sam and Dean get a really weird phone call and head on to another nameless town to rid it of a dangerous monster. Only, it was the monster that made the call. It's tired of all the other monsters making fun of it, and it wants to die. Really. They keep laughing at it because it's ugly. Not its' fault, that's just the species it belongs to. And that it's not the sharpest tool in the shed - but it went to the shed and sharpened its teeth. See? And that it smells. But it tried everything - mud baths, and deordorant - 24 hour protection my @$$. It's had enough. It doesn't want to take it anymore, so would they please just kill it? Oh, and not with regular bullets, cuz that wont work. it's too fat, and now it's depressed, too. Sam's emo. Dean really wants to kill it. Will he?


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