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Hi guys!
I'm still here. Still without my PC =(
My Dad managed to fix most of it - it turned out the virus deleted the screen drivers, whatever those are, but my files are all still there *big sigh of relief*
Problem is, my computer gets stuck every few minutes and I have to restart it. Which sucks cuz everything that takes some time, like burning a backup CD, gets stuck.
Anyway, I'm going to be without my beloved PC for another week as my Dad is sending it to get fixed. *sigh*

Work is ok. We've had a few difficult weeks, but finally that's all behind us, and now there's lots of work to do. Which is great, cuz I hate it when I get to work and I just have nothing real to do, just tedious desk jobs. It's a sure way to kill a muse...

Speaking of my muse - she's gone, and she doesn't show any signs of coming back. I seemed to have lost my passion.
I have a zillion and twelve plot bunnies - and I promised [livejournal.com profile] sandrainthesun  a fic, so I gotta write it. Thing is, I don't want to. I wanted to at the time, I even wrote a couple pages, but I don't want to anymore. I know what happens in the story, so it's not writer's block, I just lost my passion.

Also, another bunny is refusing to let me go.
I figured, when I got my muse back, I'd go back to either the shooting story or the switching story, but neither of them want to get written. I might consider co-writing the shooting story if I find someone who's interested, but the switching story is probably a lost cause.

The new bunny, however, got itself a name, so that's always dangerous.
What's it about? An AU based on WIAWCNB. Original? Nope. Which is probably why I'm not excited about it.

Granted )
Like I said, not original. And kinda dark.

I have no idea if it's ever going to get written, and if it is, I have no idea if it's ever going to get posted.
I need to find my passion for writing again.
Any tips?
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I'm a little ticked off by the news this morning.
Let me paint you a picutre.

Let's say you live in a house. It used to be a dilapidated house, nearly collapsing and filled with rats and stray dogs, but you worked on it for months, and now it's rebuilt and looks really good. It's not a villa or something, but it's your house, and you're proud of it. Doesn't mean you're not glimpsing at other, better houses, but this is the house you built yourself, and you love it.
  Now, let's say you have a neighbour. His family is really poor and his house is still as shitty as yours used to be, he's out of work, and has many many kids to feed. Oh, and he hates your guts, mostly because of what you've accomplished, and that your house is closer to all his friends, but there's some prejudice thrown in there, too.
   Now, you can't help but feeling a wee bit sorry for the guy, with all those mouths to feed and the crappy house and stuff, but... the guy hates you. Really really hates you. So much that he keeps scratching the paint of your car, and teaches his kids to pee in your flower garden, and that the object of baseball is to shatter every window at your house; extra points if they actually hit someone.
   His wife is pretty nice, and you sort of like her, but she's not allowed to talk to you. The kids? You hate them. You didn't used to, but seriously, those buggers plant cherry bombs in your kids' backpacks, and shoot their beebee gun at your backyard when the kids are out there playing. One of your kids lost his eye, another nearly died when that cherry bomb went off. The mother says she's trying, and you believe her, but the dad encourages the kids' behaviour.
   You kinda wish they'd go away, you wish you could just build a bigger fence and never see them again, but your wife is friends with his wife, and the other neighbors give you hell cuz they're so poor and practically a neighborhood project. So you give in, you let them steal your cable, you look the other way when they borrow your stuff and you never see it again (until you go to e-bay), and you've told the paper boy to just give up and leave the damn paper on their doorstep, you know, cuz they take it anyway, saying they need it for the want ads. You kinda wish they'd find a new house while they're at it, but you don't say anything, cuz it's wrong.
   Your kids don't go to play in the backyard anymore, cuz the neighbor's kids keep shooting beebee guns at them, and there's a room in your house that's also in range, so you practically stopped using it, too. You inspect the kids' backpacks every day to make sure it's cherry-bomb free, and it's a hassle, and they complain, but it's safer, so you tell them to shut up and then you have to put up with their attitude.
   And then, one day, the neighbor's kids bit the shit out of your paperboy. Now his mom keeps calling you and wants to sue, and the kid won't come over anymore.
   What's the logical thing to do? Build the damn fence and stop giving them the paper, right?
  Only, they're the neighborhood pet, and they scream that, oh, now they can't find a job cuz they don't have the paper, and how will they feed their kids, and you are just so mean, and you can't take a joke.

What I'm pissed about is, you give in.
You want the membership in the country club, and to be included in the neigborhood BBQ, so you give in. You pay the paperboy double, for him to give YOUR paper to your neigbour and keep things quiet. Hopefully, he'd appreciate it and tell his kids to stop shooting at your kids.
And I think that's insane. Call the cops on him, cut his cable, stop giving him the beeping paper and screw everyone. They like him so much, they help him.

Where is all this coming from?
The Gaza strip is dependent on Israel's gas supply.
A few days ago, a couple of Palastinians shot and killed the guys supplying them with gas. And now Israel caved in and renewed the gas supply to the Strip.
Idiots. All of us.

You can't pee in our pool and then whine about not being invited!
Think of the ramifications of your actions! Think of how it's gonna effect the people close to you!
I saw this post in the opinions thread in one of our sites; it said that the electricity in the Strip should be connected to the alarm system in the south. Whenever rockets are fired at us, the power should automatically shut down for them.
Yes, it sucks being the neighbor's wife. She didn't do anything. But she does have the power to make him stop and change his ways if she really wanted to. She does have the power to aducate her kids better. Anyone saying that's not true is just lazy.
And seeing 6 year olds who've lived their entire life in a warzone in their own country, while other kids don't and the government doing nothing? Sucks out loud.
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Yes. After careful considerations, I've decided Dean's a girl. A big, pink-wearing girl who likes glitter. 

I can't get rid of how disappointed I was to find out the meaning of Dean's necklace. I mean, yeah, awwwwwwww, but seriously? And I was rewatching AHBL2 last night, and here comes Dean after making the deal to see his baby brother alive, and I stare at his necklace and go 'you are such a girl!'
Seriously? For almost a decade, he hasn't taken the thing off, cuz Sammy gave it to him for Xmas? Dude, paint the Impala pink, why don't you. You had better kick some majour demon ass, and soon. You know, before you get your PMS or something...
It kinda makes it difficult for me to see that necklace, which used to be part of the Dean Mystery, and think of it as a girly thing. Yes, it was sweet of Sammy, (Sort of, cuz it was, after all, meant for John)  but I'd have rather been kept in the dark about this. I'd have rather it stayed a mystery.


Another thing.
A plot bunny bit me today, while I was thinking about what a girl Dean is, and how he has to kick demonic ass to regain some of his manhood.


And onto RL.

I signed a lease on an apartment!
It's small-ish, 1.5 bedrooms, but it's in a good location, and mostly furnished, and mine!
The realter was a jerk, jerking my chain for 3 days until he called to say it was available, and then he asked for more money than we'd agreed upon, which, no way.
But the place is mine, I'm getting the keys on Thursday!
I don't know when the phone people will get there though, since the place doesn't have a phone line, let along an ADSL, so I might be off the grid for awhile after next week.
But I got the new place, I got the new job. A whole lot of new stuff to deal with. I'm finally starting my life.
And who knows, maybe my muse will come back, too. *fingers crossed*


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