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Title: Picking Up Where We Left Off
Disclaimer: I own nothing supernatural related. Yet…
Rating: R, for language and violence.
Category: Gen.
Pairings: None.
Characters: Dean, Sam, John, OCs, other canon characters.
Spoilers: For all episodes aired in the US. This story is mostly AU for season 3, but some characters and events will be mentioned.

Comments: Please?

A/N: Much love to my beta 
[info]tru_faith_lost for the great work. All remaining mistakes are mine. 
A/N 2: Thanks to everyone who took the poll and let me know you're out there. It means a lot to know I have readers (and it forces me to... well... right ;) ) You guys asked about Sam - the 2008 timeline starts next chapter, so Sam and Bobby and others will be there.
Thanks for reading!

Summary:  Twenty five years ago, a demon killed Mary Winchester and tainted her son. Six years ago, someone drugged and abducted Dean Winchester. Nine months ago, one of a yellow eyed demon's tainted kids killed Sam Winchester. A few days later, the gates to hell opened, and all hell broke loose. And now, everything's picking up where we left off....



Thanks for reading!

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Fic Rec #4

Jul. 16th, 2007 07:36 am
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Hi all,
Things have been kinda slow on the front of fic writing. I just don't have the time, no matter how many dozens of evol bunnies are biting my ankles and ruining my shoes. Damn them... So I read. And recommend what I liked. Who knows, maybe y'all will like it, too.

This week's Author of Choice is [personal profile] kroki_refur, who not only posts those wonderfully delicious 10 Expressions, but also posts fics. Who know, right? lol (hey, at least I make myself laugh, don't knock it before you tried it...)
Anywho, to the stories:

Because I Could Not Stop for Death (He Kindly Stopped for Me)  (also, Here, if you prefer ffn)
So, yeah. It's a deathfic. Thing is, it's damn FUNNY! There's even an awww moment at the end. Original, fun and funny, and the death thing is just so... irrelevent. You'll know what I mean.

The Crow on the Cradle  (here, if you prefer ffn)
This is a WIP. The kind of story I wouldn't usually read. And AU that has Jess joining the Winchesters cuz Sam left one day and disappeared... Anyway, it's just the type of story I wouldn't read. Only it's awesome. She writes it really well, and I really needed an angst story. So I look the other way when Jess has too big a role, and Dean too little, cuz it's so totally worth taking the time to read. So, what are you still doing here? Go, read!

The Hardest Thing You'll Ever Learn
Bobby and the boys through the years. Fluff, mostly. And Bobby.

The Awesome Adventures of Andy and Ava
This is a graphic fic, which is made of awesome (Andy!! *flails*). It's addictive, so be warned.
Part 1 is
here. Part 2 here.

And on to other authors, cuz there are other good ones out there, ya know?


Doll House by [info]kellifer_fic 
Dean... uh... well, he gets turned into a doll. Yep. A doll. Fun and funny. Really fun and funny.

A Close Shave by [profile] Sam's at that age where he's trying to grow facial hair. And seriously, it's a big brother's job to make fun of him, right?

Battle of the Bulge by happycabbage75
When in doubt, shoot mini-moo in the face! The boys are trying to protect a couple of farmers from... miniature possessed cows... Multi chapter, completed.

high minded by  [personal profile] alethia"Hey, Dean, remember that time you burned your shirt because you thought the plaid would revolt and take over the universe?” 

Conversational Winchester for Trolls by [profile] eloise_bright
Crack!fic. So, this troll (demon) lived under a bridge (metaphorical), only instead of feeding off paranoia, it feeds off angst. And the Winchesters want to cross the bridge (metaphorical). Just lmao. Hee. 


Funny Bones by [info]kellifer_fic
John looks for the perfect present to give his 8 year old kid. Sammy's always been easy to buy for, but Dean requires a little more thought...

Killing Time in Detention by [profile] trollprincess
A really nice artfic about the boys in detention. Hee. Both boys, in detention. Poor teachers...


Counting Time by die Seele ist immer frei
"There’s a click. John has hung up. He adds, “And by the way, in the two weeks, three days, four hours and fifteen minutes since you saw me last, I’ve been fine.” He slowly puts the phone back on the hook. “But I’ve been counting.” " Dean's been couting time... *sniffle*

Freaks and Monsters by [info]dodger_winslow  (Beki of Dorvan)
Teen!Dean's in love for the first time, and it's sad and confusing, and squishable, and I don't care how screwed up you are, if Dean kisses you, you turn into a puddle of goo, not run away! Great story, as usual.


It's so hard to find good angst stories out there lately... *sigh* Here's one, though:

Emptiness Echoing, by Ginger Ninja
WIP, though I think there's only 1 more chapter to go. The brothers are investigating an abandoned hospital with a grim past, but something’s not right. Are they both really there, or is Sam just a figment of Dean’s imagination? And damn if i'm not curios...

Um... so what? Left? I know! The poll! (yes, that again...)
So, would you like to take a poll? (Hopefully, this one will actuall work...)

Poll #xxxx Paul
Open to: all, results viewable to: all

Were these recommendations helpful?

I just like polls, is all...

What kind of stories would you like to see more recommendations of?

Long stories
Short stories
Doesn't matter, I'm bored to tears...

Did you take the time to review any of the stories ?

Oops, was I supposed to?

Any requests?

Do you think you're gonna read the WIPs recommeded here?

Sure, why not
Nope. No WIPs for me
Uh... if I have the time and I'm bored and there's nothing on TV...

Is it possible to have a new episode of SN every week, for the next decade?

Hell, yeah!
Uh huh
Dude! Twice a week!

Thanks, and hope you like these stories.

Fic Rec #3

Jul. 1st, 2007 03:25 pm
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More good stories coming your way. Wincest free, cuz I don't go there, so if that's what you're looking for, you won't find it here, but there are some really good stories here.

Drama bike.gif

What Little Boys Are Made Of - by emrys1
John leaves the boys on their own for the night, and doesn't come back for a week. Money runs out, food runs out, and Dean has to figure out what to do. Sad and flail-worthy.

Stillness by emma15 
A sad little story of john and wee!dean after the fire.

Door Number 2 by Refur.
AU for What is and What Should Never Be. Sad story.

No Traveler Returns - JennK528
This story is an excuse to say just how pretty dean is smilywink4.gif Post Faith, the boys are on a hunt and there's a LOT of dean whumping and sam angsting and archeology...

Wee!Chesters   smilykiddie.gif

Natural Selection by [info]minkmix
Humor fic. John thought girls would be hard to raise. lol.

All Is Fine by Holly Bush
Sam's angsty POV about the deal Dean's made. Might make you sniffle a little, but it's a good story.

Paved With Good Intentions - by irismay.
An unknown uncle comes to claim the boys while john's missing, but there's much much more to it, like a swimming pool  smilywink4.gif

Humor  happy0168.gif

Free Fall by Catbeist
The guys need to deal with a spirit that kills sky divers. You remember Dean's fear of flying, right?

Dean in Oz by historylover 
Pretty much what it says, but it's really fun and funny. And I loved the choice she made for Toto smilywink4.gif

Damerel has these funny short stories about... well... it's pretty clear from the title: 
The Proper Feeding and Care of Dean Winchester
Guide to the Proper Care of Your '67 Chevy Impala
The Proper Feeding and Care of John Winchester 
The Proper Feeding and Care of Demon John
The Proper Feeding and Care of Sam Winchester 

Special by lady ophelia
John had been called to his sons' school. His boys sure did make him proud sometimes...

E-mails of a Fabric Softener Teddy Bear by Dean_and_Sammy
Total crack that'll crack you up.

Angst  errrr

Opening Up by 

[profile] tru_faith_lost 
Sam and bobby are having a (drunken) talk after the events of AHBL2. So, so good.

Crossover  smilyidiot.gif

I'm not really a crossover fan, but this one? There should totally be more of those out there. SN/psych crossover.
Insane Clowns and Posse by mummyluvr
And really, there should totally be a crossover episode with both shows. Please?

And as usual, a little poll at the end...


Poll #xxxx Little pole
Open to: all, results viewable to: all

Were these recommendations helpful?


What kind of stories would you like to see more recommandations of?

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Did you take the time to review any of the stories recommended?


Is there a certain type of story you like to see more recommendations of?

Should I stop it with these polls already

It's about time, don't you think?
No, polls!




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