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Mar. 6th, 2009 08:37 am
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stolen shamelessly from  [livejournal.com profile] bellatemple :

Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence.

Wow. Talk about rubbing it in... Well, one sentence isn't going to cut it, so it's gonna be more. Also, most of these are pretty old... *sniffle* My muse must have been bored with me, cuz she's gone. *sniffles some more*

So much work, so little process going on... )

So you see? I'm not just lazy, I'm really and truly stuck.

Hey, I tell you what. Give me prompts, and I'll do my best to write them.
Anything goes, as long as it's gen.


Sep. 6th, 2008 07:03 pm
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Hi guys!
I'm still here. Still without my PC =(
My Dad managed to fix most of it - it turned out the virus deleted the screen drivers, whatever those are, but my files are all still there *big sigh of relief*
Problem is, my computer gets stuck every few minutes and I have to restart it. Which sucks cuz everything that takes some time, like burning a backup CD, gets stuck.
Anyway, I'm going to be without my beloved PC for another week as my Dad is sending it to get fixed. *sigh*

Work is ok. We've had a few difficult weeks, but finally that's all behind us, and now there's lots of work to do. Which is great, cuz I hate it when I get to work and I just have nothing real to do, just tedious desk jobs. It's a sure way to kill a muse...

Speaking of my muse - she's gone, and she doesn't show any signs of coming back. I seemed to have lost my passion.
I have a zillion and twelve plot bunnies - and I promised [livejournal.com profile] sandrainthesun  a fic, so I gotta write it. Thing is, I don't want to. I wanted to at the time, I even wrote a couple pages, but I don't want to anymore. I know what happens in the story, so it's not writer's block, I just lost my passion.

Also, another bunny is refusing to let me go.
I figured, when I got my muse back, I'd go back to either the shooting story or the switching story, but neither of them want to get written. I might consider co-writing the shooting story if I find someone who's interested, but the switching story is probably a lost cause.

The new bunny, however, got itself a name, so that's always dangerous.
What's it about? An AU based on WIAWCNB. Original? Nope. Which is probably why I'm not excited about it.

Granted )
Like I said, not original. And kinda dark.

I have no idea if it's ever going to get written, and if it is, I have no idea if it's ever going to get posted.
I need to find my passion for writing again.
Any tips?
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Yeah, my muse is still missing. I did manage to write about 300 words so... that's better than the past... uh... two weeks?

Anyway, I've got this craving for BtVS lately, so I've rewatched a few episodes and came up with a crossover story.

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Ok, these few are not mine. I read these somewhere and thought they were made of awesome. 

Ok, now for my own.

I dunno. John-Dean relationship is just something I really like lately, with John being the GOOD father, of course. It would be awesome to read some good John-Sam relationship stories, from Sam's teen years, with John being a GOOD father. I don't think I've read any.


Apr. 12th, 2008 09:51 pm
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So I haven't written in ages, right?
And then I go and decide to rewrite PUWWLO.
And you know what happens? 
Yep. That's right. The attack of the plot bunnies. Two this time, can you believe it?
I don't believe I'd get to writing them, maybe as part of the Picture Perfect 'verse, but I doubt it. There's an author out there I'd REALLY want to see writing these, but she said she's too busy with other projects... *sigh*
She's quickly becoming my fav. author, so having her write it would be awesome...
Anyway, the bunnies:
Both concern Dean and John (and damn, where'd that third one come from? Sneaky bugger...)
Ok, so three.

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I was just attacked by a crack plot bunny!
Yeah, I'm ok, thanks for asking. But now I have yet ANOTHER plot bunny, and still NO time to write.

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Yes. After careful considerations, I've decided Dean's a girl. A big, pink-wearing girl who likes glitter. 

I can't get rid of how disappointed I was to find out the meaning of Dean's necklace. I mean, yeah, awwwwwwww, but seriously? And I was rewatching AHBL2 last night, and here comes Dean after making the deal to see his baby brother alive, and I stare at his necklace and go 'you are such a girl!'
Seriously? For almost a decade, he hasn't taken the thing off, cuz Sammy gave it to him for Xmas? Dude, paint the Impala pink, why don't you. You had better kick some majour demon ass, and soon. You know, before you get your PMS or something...
It kinda makes it difficult for me to see that necklace, which used to be part of the Dean Mystery, and think of it as a girly thing. Yes, it was sweet of Sammy, (Sort of, cuz it was, after all, meant for John)  but I'd have rather been kept in the dark about this. I'd have rather it stayed a mystery.


Another thing.
A plot bunny bit me today, while I was thinking about what a girl Dean is, and how he has to kick demonic ass to regain some of his manhood.


And onto RL.

I signed a lease on an apartment!
It's small-ish, 1.5 bedrooms, but it's in a good location, and mostly furnished, and mine!
The realter was a jerk, jerking my chain for 3 days until he called to say it was available, and then he asked for more money than we'd agreed upon, which, no way.
But the place is mine, I'm getting the keys on Thursday!
I don't know when the phone people will get there though, since the place doesn't have a phone line, let along an ADSL, so I might be off the grid for awhile after next week.
But I got the new place, I got the new job. A whole lot of new stuff to deal with. I'm finally starting my life.
And who knows, maybe my muse will come back, too. *fingers crossed*
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Guys, seriously, I keep hearing of people writing stuff from prompts. Where do they get all these prompts from?
Cuz really, there are some bunnies I have that I really would like to see people write.
Like this one, for example.

So, can anyone tell me where I can post those prompts or where I can share these bunnies?

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 I have some free time. Very little free time, but still. And I've had this scene stuck in my head, so I wrote it down.
It's actually part 1 out of at least 3 scenes, but it's not a story. Not yet.

Untitled, un-betaed, unedited. Sorry 'bout that, but if I stopped to edit and get a beta, chances are I wouldn't have written even this much, let alone try to write all 3 scenes. I do promise to edit and get a beta should this ever turn into a story.

I might update part 2 soon. Can't make any promises about part 3 though.

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I was really hoping to get dodger_winslow to write this bunny.

Tagline )

Since she doesn't seem to be interested, I'm gonna keep the bunny for now.

More when I can think about it. And actually make a story.
I really wish dodger would write it, though. I love her John. *sigh*
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Another evol bunny jumped me at work.
I'm not gonna write the story, but I like the bunny. Plus, yay, muse!

Scene set sometime in the AU future.

um... The End?

plot bunny

Nov. 11th, 2007 08:14 pm
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My muse came to visit and brought me a belated present for my birthday.
Just a bunny, though, not the entire story, but it's understandable, since she's scared of the mood I'm in...

Anyway, here goes:

But hey, today was the first real rain this year. And I usually write in rainstorms. I don't know what it is about winter that makes me want to write, but it just does. 
Maybe that'll help.
Or maybe I should just quit my job. Or better yet, send Dean an SMS saying my boss is possessed... hey, even a blastful of rocksalt would be fun to watch. *is evol*
Can't help it, I hate it there. *shrugs*

No NaNo

Nov. 2nd, 2007 12:32 pm
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Yeah, it's probably a prologue or something, but that's as much as I can write while my muse is on a plane going somewhere warm... *sigh*

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Yeah. I wrote something. I said I wouldn't, I didn't plan on it. It sort of wrote itself, and that's what it used to be like. Effortless. Fun.
I'm posting it here, just to have a backup. I'm not posting this to any community or site, cuz I don't care if someone reads it. Which is weird. But like I said, I let my muse lead on this one. Just let her whisper the words, and typed whatever she said.
I didn't force it, it went wherever it wanted to. Oh, and I did this before 3.01. Just didn't feel like saving it. But I'm me, so I have to save it.

There, I'm done now.

Sam Bunny

Sep. 4th, 2007 07:43 pm
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See, this is kinda weird for me, cuz I don't DO Sam bunnies, but what can I say? This one got past my Dean bunnies, past the salt lines, past the electric fence and the other line of Dean bunnies, so I couldn't very well ignore it, could I?

On the other hand, there's no way in hell I'm gonna write it, so someone else might want to take a bite.

sam bunny )
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I have a new fic idea, and I don't even have the time to read fics! Urgh!

Anyway, this is it;

A Teen!Chester fic. The hunt that made John Winchester stop hunting, and the incident that made him start hunting again.
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This is an insane plot bunny. More crack than crack!fic, but it makes me laugh, so I'm writing it down, in case... well, I just am, ok? Sue me.

Anyway, I was thinking. (never a good thing. Ask Douglas Adams, rest his soul)

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So I'm watching the pilot for this show, and this is how it starts:

"There are those who believe that a child in the womb shares its mother's dreams, her love for him, her hopes for his future. Is it told to him in pictures while he sleeps inside her? Is that why he reaches for her in that first moment and cries for her touch?
"But what if you'd known, since he was inside you, what his life held for him? That he would be hunted. That his fate would be tied to the fate of millions? That every moment of your life would be spent keeping him alive?
"Would he understand why you were so hard? Why you held on so tight? Would he still reach for you if the only dream you ever shared with him was a nightmare? Would he know my love runs through him like blood?"

And you know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking John and Dean (cuz, again, Deangirl), but John and Sam would work, too. And if you want another reason for Mary's sorry in 'Home'; Mary and Sam. Or, you know, Mary and Dean... 
Just an evil plot bunny tossed your way...

DUDE! If there ever was a match for John Winchester that wasn't Mary, it's this version of Sara Connor!
"Don't you think that, John! Don't you ever think that! Look at me! No one is ever safe!"
I can totally see him say that to Dean (well, substitute the John with Dean, and... yeah)
"Half an hour. One bag. Plus the guns. I'll make pancakes." (Oh, come ON! That's PERFECT!!!)
"Every family has rules, and we had ours; keep your head down, keep your eyes up. Resist the urge to be seen as important or special. Know your exits." (It's like they're quoting the John Winchester motto!) ד
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I was going though my evol plot bunnies file and realized the damn thing is just growing bigger and bigger. Too many bunnies, too little time. So I decided to salt and burn some of them.
These are all bunnies I wanted to write, but didn't get to, and now I think there's no chance of me going back to them. So I'm gonna put them to rest (hopefully).

Season 1 Plot Bunnies: 

bunny 1 - post DT )


bunny 2 - post Asylum )




bunny 3 - shrink )


bunny 4 - Mary )bunny 4 - Mary )

bunny 5 - post Croatoan )

That's all for now.
Wow, these are a lot of dead bunnies. Anyone got some extra salt?


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