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I figured I'd make it a little easier, so here are my stories, all in one place. All stories are gen.

There's No Escape - John centered. Post AHBL2. People say 'Hell', like they know what it means...

Countdown - Bobby centered. Post AHBL2. Bobby's a "little" angry about the deal Dean's made...

All Over Again (part 1, part 2) - A teen!Chester fic. Dean is losing his mother all over again...

And the Ground Shook - John is faced with his worst nightmare. And now he has to fix everything. One thing's for sure, Dean is NEVER hunting solo again...
Where it all started >> 2 >> 3 >> 4 >> 5 >> 6 >> 7 >> 8 >> 9 >> 10 >> 11 >> 12 >> 13 >> 14  >> 15  >> 16  >> 17  >> 18  >> 19  >>  20  >> 21  >> Epilogue

Seven Days (part 1, part 2)
Seven days. A week. It changed everything and nothing at all...

Picture Perfect 'verse  (a wee!Chester 'verse, mostly from Dean's POV )

There was life there, once - 1980. Baby Dean is having fun with his parents at the park.

Bathtime - 1982.  Wee!Dean? Well, he really, really doesn't like to have his hair washed... 

Untitled - 1982. Wee!Dean came home from preschool early and wants to spend the afternoon with his parents at the park...

The New Baby - 1983. Wee!Dean is feeling a little insecure because of the new baby.

Out of Our Element - Water - November 2nd, 1983 started as a normal, pleasent evening...

Out of Our Element - Fire - The fire, as seen from Dean's POV

Faded Memories of a Picture Perfect (still same 'verse, but after the fire)

November 3rd - The first few days after the fire.

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Title: Fight or Flight
Characters: John
Rating: PG (Gen)
Disclaimer: All is disclaimed. No money is being made.
[info]tru_faith_lost. Thanks hon! (all remaining mistakes are mine)
Spoilers: For DT and IMToD.
Summery: John's POV as he sat by Dean's side in IMToD. 


He had always knows this was going to happen. Deep down, he had always known. He was going to end up burying a child... )


No NaNo

Nov. 2nd, 2007 12:32 pm
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Yeah, it's probably a prologue or something, but that's as much as I can write while my muse is on a plane going somewhere warm... *sigh*

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Yeah. I wrote something. I said I wouldn't, I didn't plan on it. It sort of wrote itself, and that's what it used to be like. Effortless. Fun.
I'm posting it here, just to have a backup. I'm not posting this to any community or site, cuz I don't care if someone reads it. Which is weird. But like I said, I let my muse lead on this one. Just let her whisper the words, and typed whatever she said.
I didn't force it, it went wherever it wanted to. Oh, and I did this before 3.01. Just didn't feel like saving it. But I'm me, so I have to save it.

There, I'm done now.


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