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I had a play by play, but I'm not going to post it.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. This one was just painful to watch. I have no idea if I liked it or not- it was that painful.
That is to say - I hated the idea. Delivery aside, I really really hated that they went there.

In fact, my own personal canon ignores it. In my personal canon, John and this woman just clicked when they met back in the 90s, and yeah, possibly had some fun together. Or maybe she was already pregnant back then. Whichever the case, he felt for her story and left her his number, said she could call him anytime for any reason. Maybe the kid's father was killed by a supernatural thing, I don't care. It wasn't John.

And then when she called, it was like Cassie calling Dean - and John did what he couldn't do with Jo - he stepped in, pretended to be the boy's father, pretended normal with them.

After all, there was nothing of that kid in the store room back in Black Rock. There certainly were un-hunting related stuff there, but nothing about Adam - so in my personal canon, the MoTW lied. There. John had 2 kids, period.

That being said, the writing and acting were awesome.

It surprised me a little how little reaction we got out of Sam in this episode. You could see Dean falling apart easily, but Sam just went with that. If they did that intentionally, it could be scary. I mean, if they didn't just put an emphasis on Dean to torture him (and us) some more, than it would imply that Sam's... I dunno. Colder. Different. Almost a stranger.
He's so different than s1-2 Sam... *is sad*

And what was it about the kid's birth year? 92 and then 90? I mean, if the kid was 12 and born in 92, that would make Sam 21 when John found out - already in college, and a year before John went missing. If the kid was 12 and born in 90, the Sam would be 19, possibly just left. In both cases - poor Dean. *gives him a bandage with tiny Impalas on it*

The scene with Sam brushing his teeth in front of the Impala and grouchy, hungry Dean wakes up just made me want to squish them both. Hee, Dean doesn't like Tuna. HOMG, we finally found something Dean WOULDN'T eat, that isn't a vegetable! \0/ lol

Loved, loved, LOVED the rock/paper/scissors scene. I loved how they both knew it was coming without saying it, I loved the continuity, LOVED Dean's little, frustrated, every time - and Sam's little sneaky look at Adam. Man, that scene was made of awesome. *hearts*

It's also kind of sad that Dean fought it from the get go - was suspicious and sneaky of Adam, and then turned out to be right and Adam wasn't their brother! I mean, the silverware thing? Genius! *hearts smart!Dean*
Also, he never once called Adam 'brother' or 'family' the way Sam so quickly did.

Sam sort of set himself apart from Dean here, with the way he was pushing the kid to learn about the supernatural and the way he ignored the things Dean said. Sam is really his own man now, and the writers keep shoving it down our throat that Sam doesn't really need Dean anymore, and I think that's sad. Especially when we get scenes like the rock/paper/scissors one.

Oh, and there's another thing. When the first ghoul tried to pull Sam under the truck and Dean wasn't there yet, why didn't the Adam ghoul help it instead of Sam? I mean, those things are freaking fast, surely they would have succeeded. Then why?

"Godzilla's just a movie..." Oh, Dean... *hearts*

Dean thinking about his eternal rest. Man, that hurt. I sort of mentioned that in
this post.

This season seems to be all about hurting Dean. Seriously, what's up with that? We get almost nothing from Sam, and the parts we do get seem to be the ones that hurt Dean. Is it too much to ask for ONE episode where the boys don't hurt so much?

Also, I've been spoiled for the finale title. Which is a big giant spoiler. *pouts* STOP HURTING TEH PRETTY!

So to sum up all the things here - I hated that they went there, I hate the implications and the hurt, but the writing was good, the pace was great, and the acting was as awesome as always.
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