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Hi guys,

I'm starting to watch the season again - hence the thinky thoughts.
I watched Lazarous Rising and On the Head of a Pin, and some things.... made me think (Yes, ok, eyeroll away).

In LR, Castiel thinks Dean may be able to see his true visage, to hear his true voice. This hasn't really been explored farther so far. Do you guys think it will be? (NO SPOILERS PLEASE)
And I just can't get over this - I totally missed it the first time around, but when Castiel tells Dean he pulled him out of hell, and Dean answers with that sarcastic thanks, Cas gives this tiny smile and a tiny nod. ♥
Jensen is awesome. You could totally see the moment Dean remembered Hell. And I still think the screaming we hear is not his, but the screams of the people he tortured. Their screams haunt him, and it fits so well with what comes next.
LR was just made of awesome.

Next came OTHoaP.
I can't get over the special effects here - the wings! I didn't even notice the blond angel had wings the first time around, I was too busy thinking of Mary (and the White Nightgown of Doom). The wings were awesome.
And then all Sam wanted to do was help Dean because something wasn't right with Dean, and Dean tortured Alastair (and can I just say he was way less scary than when he tortured Meg?)
But here's the thing that bugs me (and no, it's not the star of David, I'm pretty sure I've done a rant about that somewhere else).
BOTH SamnDean admit something's wrong with Dean here. Both admit that he came back not quite himself, that there's something missing.
HOMG, you guys, do you think Dean lost his mojo in Hell? Will there be an episode where Castiel goes back for Dean's mojo, or that they find something else that will make him whole like the scepter of Amara in the AtGS sequel?
Something IS wrong with Dean, something IS missing. And the boys had better get it back so that Dean would stop being a wuss shadow of himself and start being a big brother again - and get Sam into rehab.
Do you suppose there's somewhere where you can go through detox from demon blood? *ponders*

Also?  Just for the record? I say I think Zacharaya is either one of the angels on Uriel's side (you know, the one giving the really bad angelic advice, like torturing Alastair), or whatever, but I seriously get some bad vibes from him. Yes, I know he's a total dick, I mean beside that.

Well, that's all for now. There'll be more when I watch more episodes. Don't say I didn't warn you...
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