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We get an episode like this.
I mean, summing up the episode means pointing at my icon. *points at icon*

My play-by-play is really rusty, so it's more general then play-by-play, but still.

Cool start.

O-kay, this could be interesting. Is anyone else picturing this phone call:

Dean: Wha-?
Castiel: Dean?
Dean: Castiel? Dude, what the hell, since when do you use a phone? And since when do you use a phone at three in the morning? Not cool, dude. *yawns* And how the hell do you even know my number?
Castiel: I was told that I am allowed one phone call.
Dean: *yawns* Uh huh. Where are you, Cas?
Castiel *in a hushed tone*: In prison.
Dean: Wha-? Can you repeat that?
Castiel: I am in prison. Apparently, someone is accusing me of murder.
Dean: Uh huh. And who did you kill? Was it Uriel? Was it a little girl drawing pictures of the apocalypse?
Castiel: Would you just get here and post bail?
Dean: Maybe.
Me: teehee.gif tee hee image by smilemoticon *goes to hell*

Nice shot!
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! sign0148.gif image by smilemoticon

Dean getting tired, Sam wants him to get angry.... I get Dean. I really do. I can't believe he didn't snap by now. Oh, well. He does in the fic I'm writing. I really would like to see some Sam POV on that.



willy_nilly.gif \0/ image by smilemoticonwilly_nilly.gif \0/ image by smilemoticonwilly_nilly.gif \0/ image by smilemoticon

So much tension, so much angst, and now snark? I ♥ you, Show!
Uriel's the funniest? I'm kinda stuch between this: laughatu.gif image by smilemoticonAnd this: confused0068.gif image by smilemoticon

Dude! Dean turns evol fics! And... and... and Dean is teh True Antichrist fics!  smilyevolbunny.gif image by smilemoticon
(Can anyone make me a 'beware of the evol plotbunny' icon?)

Jensen is so made of awesome!  smilyworship.gif image by smilemoticon

*big punch in the gut* Oh, no. He did NOT just used Papa Winchester against my boy! You know what this gets you Alastair? Yes, that's right.  drunksamsealbyrefur.gif drunk sam seal (refur) image by sams1ra

Awesome effects this week.
He's getting more demon blood from her, doesn't he? SAM! EWWWW!! Also,  drunksamsealbyrefur.gif drunk sam seal (refur) image by sams1ra

Eeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww! He does! Ewwww! Sam!! Wasn't nacrophilia enough? *shudders*

Anna! Hi Anna! thbuddies.gif friends image by smilemoticon

Dean was the first seal? thoverreacting.gif overreact image by smilemoticon  willy_nilly.gif \0/ image by smilemoticonwilly_nilly.gif \0/ image by smilemoticonwilly_nilly.gif \0/ image by smilemoticon
there.gif there there image by smilemoticonWow, Jensen is SO made of awesome. multithud.gif image by smilemoticon

Awesome! Also, creepy...

Very creepy...


So, is the killer Uriel?

*gasp* It is! It is!  willy_nilly.gif \0/ image by smilemoticon

*flails some more* willy_nilly.gif \0/ image by smilemoticonwilly_nilly.gif \0/ image by smilemoticonwilly_nilly.gif \0/ image by smilemoticonwilly_nilly.gif \0/ image by smilemoticon


Way to go, Anna! (So, there're gonna be tons of Anna/Castiel fics now, right?)

Dude, the FX and makeup in this one were truely remarkable. Great job, guys!

Awwwwwww, Dean!!  tlc.gif comfort pet image by smilemoticon Man, this episode hurts so so much!

Oh, Wow.

Well, this is the kind of Show I like. I mean, I really REALLY miss the brothers being all thbuddies.gif friends image by smilemoticonand smilyguns.gif image by smilemoticon and bitchfight.gif bitchfight image by smilemoticon, but this was awesome. Great work, Show!
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