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I was hoping to use my new emoticons, but I didn't do a play-by-play this time...

I'm guessing y'all didn't like this episode, cuz I loved it. I thought it was great.

They didn't ignore the last episode, which I totally thought they would. It hurt - a lot - but it was perfect. And it's so going in my fic.

I wonder if the fact that it was Wyoming has any meaning. And poor Pamela.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Refur's rationalize this (as the only Samgirl I follow). Since I just don't GET Sam, reading her POV is interesting. I mean, he just keeps lying. If he didn't mean what he'd said (and he totally did), then Dean said out loud - quit lying to me, quit hiding things from me, be my widdle bwother again. And he keeps lying, and keeps hiding stuff.

And Pamela's words at the end, that his intentions aren't good - it was awesome (except for the fact that it's gonna be Sam Vs. Dean at the end...).

It was great seeing Tessa again, and so sad to find out Dean wishes he'd died in the crash. I can understand that, though, but did he have to put that bunny out there?

I mean, seriously, now? When I can't write? Now you bring out a plot bunny where when Tessa gets her reaping mojo back, she comes to ask him if he wants her to take him and he says yes? Do you really thing NOW is the time for that? *eyeroll*

Also, I totally teared up when she told him there was nothing good in store for him, no second chances. Way to motivate a guy. *weeps*

Sam has gotten extra strong - strong enough to take down Alastair, which... Yeah, waiting on a Samgirl to find the good in that.

Oh, and anyone else find it funny that they promoted Reaper this week? Hee.

And them dedicating the entire season to Kim? Awww.

This week was fun, funny, dark, sad - everything I love about Show. Way to go, Show!

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