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Hi guys,
Ok, there's a little meta at the end, but I'll start at the beginning. 

Ya know, I had a feeling I was going to hate this episode because three episodes in a row is... a lot since s3. And this is a mytharc episode, so I'm really pretty sure I'm not going to like it. ...

Anna? Is made of awesome. I'm so gonna use her in a fic. Ok, not her, but a character based on her.
898.gif image by smilemoticon OMG! Anna is SO awesome! Can I haz her pleaz? flirt
eyerub.gif image by smilemoticon Is Sam hustling? Whoa... smilyjawdrop.gif image by smilemoticon Although, him, sucking at it? Not surprising. (Ok, Dean was surprised, but still.)
Written by Sera Gamble? *groans*pensif_3.gif image by smilemoticon

I kinda liked that the CRD was a guy this time. And that he's scared of Sam the puppy Sam.

Ok, show of hands (pun intended...) who did not see this coming?

They want Dean in Hell, and away from Sam? *nods* I approve. I mean, even stripped of his powers, the demons still consider Dean dangerous...

*gasp* Is this possible? Is this actually going to be an episode of Gamble's I like? What, is the apocalypse here? Or is it one of the 66 seals? willy_nilly.gif image by smilemoticon You guuuuuuys, Sera Gamble writing an episode I like is one of the 66 seals!! willy_nilly.gif image by smilemoticon
Hee, they're in step with each other! Awww SamnDean.thbuddies.gif image by smilemoticon

Uh, Dear SamnDean,

FINGERPRINTS! Stop leaving them everywhere, you idjits!

Just sayin',

eyerub.gif image by smilemoticon Is Sera actually going to write Smart!Dean? ... Of course not. Cuz Sam's the smart one... *sigh*

Well, if I were religious, scared, and had demons on my tail, I'd shag ass and head for Bobby's. But hey, that's just me.

Oh, I ♥ Anna so much. Who wants to bet that she's going to die? Oh, Btw, where did she get the change of clothes? Does she have a locker in the church where she keeps clothes in case she gets locked up and runs away and has to change them? Wow, Anna, you sure are smart!

Just say no, Sam. C'mon, you know you can do it...

Dean! Say no to Sam! Dean!! Protect your brother!

Is it wrong for me to like Sam getting his ass handed to him so much?
willy_nilly.gif image by smilemoticon He knows the demon! Guys, Dean can recognize the demon!! willy_nilly.gif image by smilemoticonwilly_nilly.gif image by smilemoticonwilly_nilly.gif image by smilemoticonwilly_nilly.gif image by smilemoticonwilly_nilly.gif image by smilemoticon

rolleyes No more knife. No more excuses for Sam not to use his Powers of Doom.

Dear Show,

Subtle. Very subtle.

Subtly yours,
ETA: I can so use this in fic. I get it Kripke, you want the sequel already, but you'll just have to wait like the rest of us.

Uh, not convinced.

Hee. Cuz, yeah, pull it out, but make sure there's no tube in there to help her breathe or anything, just something covering her mouth and looking hospitally. Hee. I know what you did there, Show. It was a little homage for IMToD, wasn't it? Just like the monitor connected to John really wasn't? Oh, Show.

She recycled. Hee.


Wow, that knife slices through bone as if it were butter. Awesome.

You can totally see Sam's nipples through his shirt. I wonder what [info]kroki_refur is going to squee about it.

Is she carrying his deeeeeemonic spawn? Is that why he wouldn't kill her? I mean, I know that would make her 6 months pregnant and she's so thin, but hey, deeeeemon.

happy0168.gif image by smilemoticon Dean? TMI? Hee! So what, you can dish it, but you can't take it? smilywink4.gif image by smilemoticon

Don't do it. Don't open that door... It's going to be a demon...

smilyrofl.gif image by smilemoticon Ok, Sam being ordered around by a sista? Is awesome! happy0168.gif image by smilemoticon Also? Told you it was a demon.

"Would you like to explain why you have that stain in the room?" Hee. I mean, harsh, Uriel. But funny.

thtbcargh100x100-1.png damn tbc image by smilemoticon

Okay, so... willy_nilly.gif image by smilemoticon I liked it! willy_nilly.gif image by smilemoticonwilly_nilly.gif image by smilemoticonwilly_nilly.gif image by smilemoticon We're one seal closer to the end of the world!

And am I the only one who thinks there was something weird about the 'els?

 Ok, now to the meta part of the show...

I wonder what it is that makes Anna special. Castiel thought Dean would be able to hear him, he told him some special people could. Aaaaand, she had powers. So, what's so special about her? Also, about that bet thing? I didn't say she has to die in this episode.

Also, I happened to stop the episode at the very beginning, and I never paused 4.01 before, but now that I did - most of the stuff painted on the warehouse wall looks like gibberish to me, BUT -
There are more than a few Stars of David painted there, and what appears to be a crooked Hamsa (חמסה) - a protection against Evil Eye, or the devil. There's the word חי (alive), which is considered mystic in Judaism, aaaaaand, the name of the Lord. THE name. Now, with all those Jewish symbols around, they still went with the Christian version of angels, and have yet to use Jewish lore in the show.

I'm just sayin.


You know, I've been enjoying Show SO much more when I just... stop thinking about it. Really. I mean, I would have totally hated at least half of the episodes I liked so far if I even tried to analyze them. I mean, look here. Ruby as a replacement for Dean?  WTF? Anything as a replacement for Dean would be WTH, but Ruby? Really? And then, Sam sleeping with her, as if she's not just a manipulative bitch, who's totally messing with his head. And then, Dean appologized to Ruby? Really?
But like I said, I didn't overthink it this time, so I could actually enjoy it. What can I say, season 1 it's not.


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